05 September 2008

Drink Smart! Party in Moderation - Video

Binge drinking has become so entrenched with young people today, that it defines their generation. This short film embarks on a journey into the excessive drinking parties held by students at tertiary level. It encapsulates the consequences of binge drinking and highlights alcohol’s negative effects and costs.

03 September 2008

Drink Smart! Party in Moderation - Poster

This poster of our campaign, against binge drinking, created by Rachel

Drink Smart! Party in Moderation - T-Shirt

24 August 2008

Proposal about podcast

I will focus on pod-cast making in our group. The function is displaying the real voice from some binge drinkers to the visitors in our website. It will not the bright point in our group project. Through the survey, I found that nearly 75 % people like to watch or hear the real story from the website. Because it will make them feel more profound and more educational.

In order to make it on real way, I will create that during the interview of our focuing group. Our focusing group is created by 6 peoples. They are half girls and half boys. Their age will be all around 18 – 25.

The storyboard for pod-cast is different with the film shooting. I cannot draw in the graphic. But it is also necessary for recording. Because I have to think about the clear thinking on recording. There will be all based on the questions. Therefore, I will write the questions I will ask first.

1. Do you know binge drinking?
2. Could you tell me some definition of binge drinking?
3. How many bad effect of binge drinking do you know?
4. Do you like drinking?
5. Do you know how much you can drink?
6. Could you tell me a interesting or impressible story that happened after you drunk?
7. Do you think controlling binge drinking is difficult work for you?
8. Why?

I will finish record in week 11.



Week 10

We argued in class. Next week will be the due day of our individual documental things.
In the other group, they will create different things for different membors in group. However, in my group, we just have 2 films shooting. That will be hard for us 3 to distribute.

Finally, we think we need to create one more thing to support our campaign. That is pod-cast.
Because J.Y. & Steph already start to do the film. pod-cast will be my part now.

The style I hope can be as some educational program you would find in schools or even documentary T.V. I want to include an interview style in order to highlight the prevalence and commonality of binge drinking with students. This will increase the audience’s awareness and will involve them more by depicting students just like them on T.V. I feel that this will not only be more informative and direct but also more approachable for an adolescent audience.

Think about more details in next week.



They are really focuing on the development of film.
J.Y's opinion is based the real style . We hope we can create the film as the short story but it can make audiences feel impressible after watching. At the begining, i didn't agree with their's idea. Because i think that will not be funny as the youny people like. Meanwhile, if we create as the real one, is that means the actors need to real drink when we shooting? That must be very dangrous. And we dont have enough burget.
After discussing, J.Y told me that will be all fake during shooting. No one will drink real wine in the film. And he showed me a video example in class. That is funny thing.
Therefore, i agree with that idea.
We nearly spent 2 weeks to discus the story of shooting.
How lucky of our group!
J.Y is good on drawing. He can draw very well about storyboard.
On the other hand, the other important person in our group is Steph. She is not only good on writing, but also an good actress. Meanwhile, thanks a lot for the other guys enjoy in our film. They're really good actors as well.
Whatever, we still have 2 weeks.
Go ahead!

Individual things

Still have 3 weeks, we will present our campaign.

Haven't post anything to here because too busy for preparing the other things.

in last 2 weeks, we confirmed the logo of our campaign.

The idea of design is based on the simple style as before.

I hope everyone can like this logo. It really spends me quite lots of time~heehee

About the shooting, i agree with JY's idea. Because the target market for our campaign is nearly all young people. The content of film must be interesting story. Shooting like real story will be more close to audiences' real life.

The shooting has been finished in Steph's house. How pity of that i didn't enjoy with them. However, after i saw the tape, i felt that must be very funny experience for everyone.

we will discuss more details about editing in class. That will be more hard job of all.

Good luck.


15 August 2008